Is Your House Ready For a Little Nip/Tuck?


Is it time for a little Nip and Tuck?

     The number of people looking around this year and doing what I call “musical houses” right here in our community is really phenomenal!!  Having grown tired of the amenities their own houses have to offer, many have looked to just buying another home and shedding the old one.  The problem is, I have listings on several homes that we never ended up actually putting onto the market because they wanted to find their new home first. Now, that the season is starting to wane, their disappointment is kind of sad, in that they just could not find “The One”.

Well, to all of you that did not find “ The One”, the biggest common denominator for everyone looking seemed to be for awesome outdoor living centers, with every bell and whistle you can add to it.  One of the homes I sold this summer for full price, the first day on market with multiple offers, had the most fabulous outdoor living center (pictured below).  It had a living lounge area, dining area, and kitchen cooking area (complete with fireplace, TVs, sound, and every cooking implement known to man).  So now I say….. just like when you do not like something about yourself, you need to do a little nip and tuck.  Why not do it on a home?  Buy that home that needs an outdoor living center and make it perfect for yourself.  You can probably do it for less than paying top dollar in a multiple bid war and you can make it perfect for your family…. Go find the home in the neighborhood you like, one that has the curb appeal, and the floor plan that appeals to you.  Then you can add the things you want, but do it now because the ones that did not sell this summer area already becoming more and more reasonably priced as interest rates are starting to creep back up….. Call me today and lets see if there is something out there you just need to do a little  Nip and Tuck on !!


Complete Overhaul


The Living room, Dining Room, and Full Kitchen…Outside. This was a $450,000 addition to the home Pools If you have a pool, It doesn’t have to have a waterfall, it doesn’t have to have a heater, just make it a pool. Please remember that these changes need to be congruent with the rest of the home. Everyone says, when they put their house on the market they all do all these things that they wish they would have done and been able to use it more.

Day Surgery:


Big thanks to for putting this list of great grills for your outdoor remodel.

By ,, LLC. This is it, the list you’ve been waiting for! These are our Top Ten Ultimate Gas Grills! And when we say “ultimate grills,” we mean top-of-the-line, make-your-neighbors-jealous, so-sweet-it’ll-make-you-want-to-grill-every-night grills. These are the grills that we have judged to be the best anywhere, based on performance, appearance, value, customer service… everything! So enough introduction; let’s just dive right in to our number one grill…

Lynx Gas Grill
Coming in at the top spot on our list is this fantastic Lynx built-in! It is THE ultimate cooking machine, sporting wind-resistant construction, a dedicated searing burner, an easy-opening lid, and large cooking space! It also has lighting on both the inside and outside of the grill, keeping you grilling any time of day. Incredibly durable construction and 75,000 BTU production round out this package to give you the absolute, complete, ultimate grilling appliance!
Approx Price: $4,699

DCS Grill
In one of our most difficult rankings ever, this DCS has taken a very close second in our Top 10. Like the Lynx that came just before it, this grill is truly a masterpiece. DCS has given this grill a ceramic heating system which distributes heat and eliminates cold spots splendidly. It is also equipped with a patented grease management system that diminishes flare-ups and helps to distribute heat even better! At our closest second place finisher ever, you can’t go wrong with this great product from DCS!
Approx Price: $3,529

Fire Magic Gas Grill
Our number three Ultimate Gas Grill is a real gem! In addition to meeting all of the necessary performance requirements, this grill makes a real statement with its look. Its sleek, stainless steel lid draws attention down to the LED-lit front panel, where easy-to-use controls allow for plenty of cooking precision. There is plenty of power and versatility to go around as well, so cooking for the whole family will never be an issue. For these reasons, Fire Magic gets in at number three!
Approx Price: $5,835

TEC Gas Grill
As always, TEC is the foremost manufacturer of infrared grills, and they make an appearance on another Top 10 list as a result! This infrared grill cooks foods quickly, evenly, and deliciously while using nearly half of the energy that conventional grills do. Its stainless steel finish makes it highly durable out in the elements, and a self-cleaning surface makes your job twice as easy after you finish cooking. TEC makes the perfect grill for the gadget lover in all of us!
Approx Price: $3,869

Alfresco Gas Grill
Alfresco’s LX2 has been chosen as our number five Ultimate Gas Grill because it simply does everything well. It is a versatile cooker that is capable of handling just about anything, whether it be cooking at night, using it as a smoker, or even repairs with its unique toolless-opening front panel. This grill has all sorts of innovative tricks up its metaphorical sleeve, and demonstrates great performance in everything from searing to slow cooking. Trust us; this grill deserves to be on this list!
Approx Price: $5,281

Fire Magic Gas Grill
Like the Fire Magic grill that came before it in our countdown, the Aurora A660 makes a beautiful centerpiece for your outdoor kitchen. The front panel is seamless, and the hood has a distinctive look that you won’t see apart from a Fire Magic grill. In addition, there is a real emphasis placed on ease of use, and it shows. It comes with tons of features that you could find on a grill much more expensive than this one, so put the A660 on your short list; we’ve put it on ours!
Approx Price: $3,467

PGS Legacy Gas Grill
From top to bottom, the PGS Pacifica was designed to accommodate any type of food. Their Vari-Grid cooking system allows for flexibility in your cooking surfaces. PGS have also spaced out the burners at variable intervals, which means that you can cook different sized foods at the same time at different temperatures. It is also built out of heavy-duty construction materials, making it very durable. And at this price, it is a remarkable value, making it our number seven grill!
Approx Price: $2,795

OCI Elite Gas Grill
This versatile OCI gas grill features two powerful stainless steel burners and one ceramic infrared burner to meet the needs of any backyard chef. The body of the grill is welded for extra durability and this grill has all the options you want in a premium grill. OCI includes a rotisserie system with halogen light, electronic ignition, and stainless steeel radiants which help reduce flare-ups.
Approx Price: $3,455

Evo Gas Grill
Our number nine Ultimate Gas Grill is a different beast altogether from what we have on the rest of our Top 10! Its one-of-a-kind flat top design makes it uniquely versatile and easy to use. It sports concentric ring burners that allow you to cook directly or indirectly, with direct cooking reaching temperatures high enough for searing! It is easy to clean, easy to cook on, and easy to look at, so what more could you want? This grill is a conversation starter, so become the talk of the town with Evo!
Approx Price: $3,195

Vintage Gas Grill
The final grill on our countdown is this Vintage Gold 42 Inch grill. The nice thing about this Vintage is its size. The grill has over 700 square inches of grilling area, which is enough to cook a meal for the entire family! It also features a dedicated smoker burner for getting traditional wood fired flavor. In addition, the grill is made with high quality 304 stainless steel and has built-in halogen lights for nighttime grilling.
Approx Price: $3,359

Kamado Grills

By ,, LLC. Our Top 5 recommended kamado charcoal grills represent the very best kamado ceramic grills. This list will help you see the real pros of each Kamado unit and help you pick the one that’s right for you based on the things that you need the most from your kamado grill. The ranking was based on a mix of ship time, quality, accessories, online customer reviews and remarks from previous customers. Just because we have not ranked a grill here does not mean it isn’t a good grill. It simply means that these are the ones that receive the most attention. If you’d like to view our complete selection of kamado grills & accessories, please visit our Kamado Shop

Most Recommended Ceramic Grill
The ClassicJoe is the flagship ceramic grill from Kamado Joe. We recommend Kamado Joe because they build quality grills priced at a great value. We have such confidence in Kamado Joe because they have a great reputation and they stand behind their products with good customer service backed by a comprehensive warranty. Not only does this kamado grill, bake, and smoke as well as the others, Kamado Joe includes a grid lifter and an ash tool with this grill. The ClassicJoe also has a stainless steel cooking grid with a hinge for adding wood chips or charcoal while cooking.
Approx Price: $849

Best Ceramic Grill
Primo has one of the biggest cooking surfaces of all the kamado grills. Besides helping you cook more food, it also helps when you want to smoke ribs because it has more space for grilling racks. The grill also makes it more accommodating for pork loins, fish and other longer pieces of food, while still being big enough to do a pizza. All Kamados are very diverse allowing you to grill, smoke, and even bake, but Primo takes the cake with its multi-positioning cooking grids. The Primo also features a cast iron divider, which allows you to divide the kamado in half with separate cooking temperature zones. However, one thing to keep in mind about Primo is much of what makes the grill so versatile is not included and you will need to purchase those accessories separately. Best of all, all Primo Grills are made proudly in the USA!
Approx Price: $1,199

Best Kamado Grill
The Grill Dome’s best feature is the thickness of its ceramic. The ceramic thickness aids in heat retention, which is an important factor in a kamado grill. The variety of colors available also gives you the flexibility of styling. The smooth porcelain outside look of this grill makes it fit into your outdoor setting better than some of the other styles of Kamado grills. Grill Dome grills are made with stainless steel hardware and hinges to help extend the life of your grill.
Approx Price: $829

Recommended Ceramic Grill
The Saffire kamado grill prides itself on its stainless steel parts which outlasts other grills that use painted parts. The Saffire also gives you easier access through the cooking grid to add wood chips to your coal for smoking, unlike others that require you to remove several parts of the grill. The Saffire Grill may be installed in a masonry island so the cooking area is conveniently close to the counter top height and is aesthetically pleasing, while others require the grill to be elevated a few inches above the counter top to allow space for the hinge which pivot downward.
Approx Price: $1,109

Top Smoker Grill
The Bayou Classic grill is handcrafted from quality ceramic. Each Bayou Classic grill finish is distinctively different and unique. With this grill you can barbecue, grill, smoke, or bake. The best feature of the Cypress Grill is the large cooking surface. The lid and hinge attachment are pre-assembled and the ceramic is one inch thick.
Approx Price: $685

Other Ideas include

Pizza Oven





Minor Procedure

Living Room

There was this great article from Better Homes and Gardens that gave 15 Tips for Outdoor Living spaces.  They gave super advice from the practical to the extravagant.   This is a wonderful start in planning your addition.


When it comes to kitchens, there is a little more planning to do.  There are various things to consider such as water and gas lines, placement of appliances to maximize the difference zones that exist.  Here is a list of Companies that can help you plan the perfect outdoor spot for cooking, entertaining, preparing, and serving your family and friends.


Fire Magic






So, if you are not changing houses this year, and you want to make your home so that it is extremely marketable down the road, then let’s give it a little nip and tuck now and make some changes that you’re actually going to enjoy.  So, you could Paint it OR you could make an addition to the outside that will be enjoyed and increase your marketability.


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